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New legal assistant joins us during lockdown

Jess King, legal assistant at Cygnet Law

As the UK entered lockdown on 23rd March 2020, Jess King was just one week into her new role as a legal assistant in the family department at Cygnet Law in Redcar.

How did it feel to start a new role under such unusual circumstances?

Jess said: “On my first day of work I experienced the usual emotions that come with starting a new role; I was nervous, excited, and ready for a new start.

“Despite my colleagues being already apprehensive about the situation prior to lockdown, I was made to feel completely at ease, and knew from day one that I felt at home at Cygnet Law.

“Just as I was getting to know my colleagues, learning names, and adjusting to a new working day, the world had other ideas! COVID 19 hit, and my new role had just begun…

“Gradually, members of staff were leaving the office, some that I hadn’t even met yet. Luckily, I was able to remain in the office with a handful of individuals who soon became good friends as well as colleagues.

I can only describe the past 12 weeks as a complete whirlwind. Whilst I have not had chance to experience a “normal” working day at Cygnet, I can happily say that I have adjusted well to what is now considered the “new normal”.

The strangest thing for me is that although the majority of my colleagues have been working remotely, I already feel that I have built positive working relationships, and am confident that I could easily approach any of the team at any time.  

I am thoroughly enjoying my role at Cygnet Law and am excited for the future. Client care remains my number one priority, and whilst lockdown has affected us all, I am thankful that it has given me the opportunity to build rapport with clients and the ability to represent the firm by maintaining an outstanding level of client satisfaction.”